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Fibre of the Gods! – Warmth Without Weight!

In ancient times Alpaca Clothing was used only to dress Inca’s Royal members; now it is at the reach of your hand!

Alpacas are gentle creatures originally from the South American Andes and were introduced to Australia a few decades ago. Alpacas produce a fibre of supreme softness, lightness and warmth.

Alpaca is one of the world’s softest fibres with remarkable insulation qualities, being a natural semi-hollow fibre with a wonderful fineness that outmatches many other natural fibres and micro-fibre synthetics. Alpaca will keep you comfortably warm ranging from super-fine lightweight to the warmest winterweight.

Another great characteristic of Alpaca is its low moisture absorbency with great wicking properties; Alpaca breathes keeping you dry and warm for a longer time than other fibres.

Alpaca clothing is extremely healthy and comfortable to wear. The absence of lanolin and other oils in the fleece and its extraordinary fineness of handle mean that alpaca garments are light, hypoallergenic and luxuriously soft on your skin. When you put on an alpaca sweater, you will immediately notice the absence of the scratchy “prickle” found in garments made of more coarse fibre.This is due to the flatter scales on Alpaca fibre.

Unlike other mono-colour animal fibres, Alpacas produce fleece in more than 22 different colours. This amazing spectrum delights hand spinners and industrial manufactures and reduces the need for dyeing, which further protects and enhances the resilience, softness, flexibility and hypoallergenic qualities of the fibre.

By blending Alpaca with other natural fibres such as cotton and silk we have garments which are versatile, easy to wear and trans-seasonal.

Alpaca homewares including throw rugs, pillows and doonas are made from 100% fine Alpaca or blended with wool and bamboo.

In addition, our extensive collection of Australian and imported Alpaca knitting yarns will inspire every knitter.