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What makes Alpaca fibre exceptional?

1. It brings you warmth because alpaca fleece has an insulation core which makes it more thermal than any kind of wool. It also contains higher tensile strength than wool that makes it a perfect fibre for rough and long-term

2. It is considered a dry fibre which is hypoallergenic, without lanolin and other oils that are found in sheep’s wool, it is softer and non-irritant to skin.

3. The fibre will not burn unless directly in contact with a flame;

4. Alpaca fibre is hollow, it traps in more heat and pushes the water away, and therefore it acts as a thermal regulator. It will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

5. Alpaca is sheared once a year very humanely.

6.Alpaca fibre is 100% natural and safe for the environment.