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This luxurious, high-quality scarf is made in 100% Vicuna, the finest animal fibre in the world. Due to Vicuna's exclusive nature, these scarves are only available in a limited number. - 180cm x 30cm

Composition: 100% Vicuna

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This luxurious, extremely soft and lightweight scarf is part of Kuna Luxury; a limited collection of the finest animal fibre in the world, Vicuna.

The Vicuna is the smallest and most delicate of the four South American camelids (Llama, Alpaca, Guanaco & Vicuna). Its fibre is extremely light, amazingly soft, provides unrivalled warmth and is one of the most exclusive fibres in the world thanks to its rarity. This scarf comes in a wooden box and including a hand-numbered and signed card guaranteeing the fibre came from government controlled shearing operations. Vicunas may only be sheared every three years and produce a small amount of fibre, increasing the rarity of this extraordinary product.

Fibre Content: 100% Vicuna

Colour: Camel

Measurements: 180cm x 30cm

SKU: SD600051P0000-0840005-AC

Material and Care

Every single garment is made in or includes exceptionally soft alpaca fibres in the highest quality. Therefore, our products need special care. In general, we recommend dry cleaning for coats, jackets, capes, throws and some accessories, and hand washing for knitwear. In any case, always refer to the care instruction label that comes with the garment.

Dry Cleaning

- Take your garment to a reputable professional dry-cleaner that has experience working with natural fibres.
- Show the staff the label with the washing instructions. All our products have this label.
- Inform the staff about spots and stains you want to have removed.

Hand Washing

- Gentle hand wash in lukewarm water (35°C).
- Use a mild soap or a fine fibre detergent. Do not bleach.
- Avoid wringing and twisting.
- Lay the garment flat on a towel to air-dry and reshape it.
- Fresh up the garment with a very cool iron, if needed.